Brent Leptich - Bass Guitar / Vocals


Brent was interested in music at a very early age on the farm in rural Saskatchewan. Listening to 45's and 78's at an early age with the likes of The Beatles, Manfred man, Hermans Hermits, and of course Elvis. His future Brother in Law lent him his collection of Nazareth, Pink Floyd, Nillson, Led Zepplin, and Frank Zappa. His hair started to grow longer. Pretty soon a 5 string guitar was playing along with the tunes.


Brent got rid of the fifth string, and his first Bass gig was with a band called Moxie Blue, which started his love for performing on stage.

 That morphed into 10 Mile High (Classic Rock and Blues) which grew into popularity in the South East part of Saskatchewan.


Alberta beckoned and the love of playing music still resonated in Brent's head.


Garth, Mitch and Doug jammed several times in the Barn on Durham hill. 

After a few changes, including members and names, Medisinal (with a S) was formed.

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